Mar 28 2014

Video Friday: The River Zin in Southern Israel

Map picture

Our video this week comes from Southern Israel about the River Zin as it moves through the Negev Desert:

The River Zin cuts through the Negev Desert in southern Israel. But unlike most rivers, the Zin rarely has any water in it. The only time it flows is when enough rain falls in the mountains miles away to cause a flash flood. This flood then flows along the usually bone-dry river bed.

Watch as, after years of drought, locals — including one bold dog — eagerly await the coming waters… (22 Words)

The landscape around the river is pretty amazing – now that’s a desert! I love the number of folks just waiting for the flow to come down the river. I wonder how long they had to wait!

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Mar 24 2014

A Few Good Reads (3/24/14): Death Toll in South Africa Flooding Climbs to 32, Yellow River in China Bombed to Break Ice

This week: South African flood death toll climbs to 32, China bombs the Yellow River to break ice jam, a brief history of flooding in Colorado, the world’s most stressed rivers, and a quick way to stay more visible with your boss.

Flood Death Toll in South Africa Climbs to 32 (FloodList)

Heavy rains and floods over the northern and eastern parts of South Africa during the last two weeks have led to the deaths of at least 32 people, 25 of which have drowned, it was reported on Monday.

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Mar 21 2014

Video Friday: Time Lapse Demolition of Diversion Structure on the Cache La Poudre River

The City of Fort Collins (home city of this blog!) and the Colorado Water Trust are working together towards 25 projects on the Poudre River benefitting stream flow, water quality, parks, recreation, natural areas, wildlife, riparian and aquatic health, flood control, roadway and pedestrian safety. The demolition of the Josh Ames Diversion was one of the first projects in this effort. This diversion had not been used for over 30 years and acted as a barrier to fish passage.

Map picture
As of November 7 of 2013, the diversion has been removed! The video below shows some pictures of the deconstruction of the structure and reconstruction of the channel as well as a great time lapse video of the demolition from start to finish.

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Mar 17 2014

A Few Good Reads (3/17/14): Flooding with Ice Debris in Montana and Wyoming and Google ‘River View?”

This week: Flooding and ice debris in Montana and Wyoming, flooding in Swaziland that kills 8 people, current snowpack for Colorado, Google “River View,” and the Folsom Dam massive spillway gates on the way to installation.

The picture above was a bit dumbfounding to me – flooding in the winter with significant ice debris on the floodplain! As far as I was able to find out, it looked like the end of the week did not see additional flooding although I saw there was a flood warning over the weekend in Montana but in a different county further west.

Crews Assess Flood Damage in Montana, Wyoming (ABC News)

Water levels began to drop on flooded rivers in Montana and Wyoming on Tuesday, and authorities scrambled to restore road access for hundreds of people left isolated by high waters.

Recent floodwaters have damaged numerous homes and business in both states, and some Montana residents living close to the Musselshell River remained evacuated.

Meanwhile, forecasters warned that rising temperatures later this week could again increase the runoff from melting snow in some areas.

Taking advantage of the lull, crews hurried to shore up sandbag flood defenses around Manderson, Wyo., and Roundup, Mont.

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