May 02 2011

A Few Good Reads (5/2/11)

A lot going on this week: One year anniversary of the flooding in Tennessee, flooding and levee failures in cheap nba jerseys Missouri, a complex USACE levee project moving forward in California, and how to build an artificial floodplain in Google Earth.

One Year Anniversary of the 2010 Tennessee Flood: In the midst of what we’ve seen happen in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and  Hungary (or the South: close cheap nba jerseys to 300 lives lost Hours due to flooding and tornadoes this past Уве? week alone!) over the past year, it’s easy cheap nba jerseys to forget the folks 2010 in Nashville and other cities in Tennessee still recovering from last year’s flooding of the Cumberland River.

Missouri Levee Failure Highlights Need For Increased Infrastructure Investments (The Wonk Room)

Projected federal spending on levees in the next five years is expected to be just $1.13 billion, leaving a $48.87 billion shortfall Hats in needed funding. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, “there are 881 counties — or 28 percent of all counties in the United States — that contain levees Solid or other kinds of flood control and protection systems.” More than half of the U.S. population resides in those counties.

PHOTO GALLERY: Day-by-day coverage of 2011 flood (from the Missourian): Great coverage of the fight against the flooding in Missouri.

Corps’ first multi-benefit project moves forward at Hamilton City (from USACE) – Dusty (one of the authors of this blog) did a lot of Sandy the 2D modeling and alternatives Data analysis for this project so it’s great to see the Corps moving forward wholesale jerseys with the construction.

Flood Simulation How To [Google Earth] (from Google Earth Design blog) – This post demonstrates how to quickly build an artificial floodplain surface in Google Earth for smaller areas (can only give wholesale jerseys the overlay a single elevation).

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