Jun 10 2011

Aerial Video of Bismarck-Mandan Missouri River Flooding

Below is video likely from a helicopter of the flooding in the Bismarck-Mandan area of North Dakota. The Missouri River hits flood stage through there at around 65,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) but because of the inflow into each of the reservoirs upstream and recent rainfall in Montana, the U.S. Corps of Engineers has been slowly raising the flow (released from Garrison Dam) to 150,000 cfs. Flow at the time of this footage was around 110,000 cfs.


The flooding could potentially last through August given the unbelievable snowpack in the West and the fact that the reservoirs upstream are already near or at capacity.


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  1. Richard Bold

    Just FYI – Bismarck/Mandan are in North Dakota, not South Dakota.

    1. Anthony Alvarado

      Corrected! Thanks for the catch!

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