Jun 27 2011

Souris River Flooding in Minot at the Peak

The Souris River flooding in Minot, North Dakota appears to have peaked late Saturday/early Sunday at 26,900 cubic feet per second (cfs). It now looks like a very slow descent back below flood state. The flow currently (as of 6:45pm EST Monday) is at 23,500 cfs. Below are two clips; the first is a view of the city by boat and the second is by air. Both clips take place near the peak stage.



Don’t forget about the town and people of Minot moving forward as the flood slowly recedes and they start moving into the long and heartbreaking process of recovery.

You can make a $10 donation by texting “MINOT” to 80888 and replying “yes” to the confirmation text. A one-time donation of $10 will be added to your mobile phone bill. Or you can go to the Salvation Army or Red Cross and donate directly.

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