Jun 29 2011

Minot Flooding Aerials

The flooding in Minot has peaked and the river is slowly dropping.

“In Minot, N.D., floodwaters are finally starting to recede into the Souris River, according to a National Guard spokesman who talked to the AP. But in the town, 4,000 homes have been damaged by the river, and thousands of residents remain homeless.”

To get a feel for the extent of this flood event GeoEye has released some before flooding and during flooding images.

Minot before flooding (5-30-09)minot_north_dakota_05_30_09


Minot during flooding (6-25-11)"GeoEye"

This is only part of the city that is inundated by floodwaters.  The long road to recovery is now underway.

"It’s not going to be fast," said Greg Wilz, state director of emergency services. "We are going to be in a long-term recovery process. How long that is – I am not too sure – but it’s long term."

The article also states that the city will be setting some new boundaries for where people can live so that possible future flooding will not be as destructive. 

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  1. Dusty Robinson

    Here is another aerial image showing a bit more flooding extents of the same area.

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