Jul 19 2011

Can’t Do Without

Software is such an integral part of my job.  I use somewhere between 10 and 15 different software applications on any given day.  That doesn’t include any of the applications I use on the internet which is becoming more important to my work flow as it becomes more of a tool than just a place for information.


The bummer about using so much software is that not all of it is that great to use.  Technology should help us be more efficient, so I am always on the look out for software that helps me be more productive.  I am specifically looking for:

  • Ease of use (intuitive)
  • Speed
  • Great support
  • Interoperability with other software applications
  • Some free training
  • Quality final product
  • Price

Occasionally I come across some software that meets all of these.  Hopefully you find these just as helpful and invaluable as I do.


I use Snagit, by TechSmith, every day, and not because I have to.  It is a screen capture program, but really it is so much more.  Here is great description form their website;


They have a great overview video as well if you want to learn a little more, made with Camtasia Studio another great TechSmith product.

Here are some of the reasons I love Snagit:

  • Ease of Use – Snagit is really intuitive.  I can just figure out about 80% of what I need to because of the simplicity and ease of use of this software. 
  • Free Training – When I do run into a problem I turn to their online tutorials and training resources.  I usually find great help here.
  • Great Support – I have always received the help I needed when I contact TechSmith support.
  • Speed – We are just working with screen captures, but it is pretty snappy.
  • Interoperability – Obviously you can capture anything on your screen, but Snagit also integrates with Office products and you can configure it to output to email, printer, clipboard, ftp, and other programs which make overall work flow really nice.
  • Quality OutputYou can produce really nice graphics, with little effort, that help you communicate better.  What else can you ask for?
  • Price – You can try Snagit for free for a month, so before you even spend any money you know what you will be getting.  After the trial period ends you will want to buy it, and it’s only $50. 

One of the amazing things about Snagit is the more I use it the more uses I find for it.  So it has become even more valuable the longer I have had it.  It just helps me do my job better and easier, that’s a great investment.

Up next: GlobalMapper!


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  1. Paul

    I use Faststone capture and that works for my purposes! Costs: $19.95

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