Jul 22 2011

Video Demonstration of a Meandering & Braided Stream

The video below is a fun clip demonstrating the basic evolution of a straight channel to a meandering braided stream. There’s obviously no vegetation, and only a small variation in the flow conditions, but it’s still a very good simple demonstration of erosion and deposition. It was made by the folks at Little River Research & Design based out of Carbondale, Illinois.


There’s also no cohesion to the bed and bank sediment and It looks like well graded finer sand. This is why the “little river” moves so freely. But you get the picture and it’s still a really cool small scale view of how rivers work.

The folks at Little River Research & Design specialize in consulting and education, and you can actually order their 2m and 4m table simulators, the “Emriver Geomodels” for your own use in education and demonstrations. They have a number of more videos on their YouTube channel that are worth checking out!

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