Aug 12 2011

UK (Boscastle) 2004 Flash Flood Footage


On Monday, August 16th of 2004, Boscastle, Cornwall, of the United Kingdom experienced a 400 year flash flood event. Here’s the most amazing thing to me about the 2004 flash flood: nobody was killed. This was a major disaster for such a small community. See the map for where in the UK this took place and then check out the video to see the power of a flash flood.

Map picture


Eight inches of rain within just the first 4 hours on a hot day after a clear sky morning in a coastal town did not sound like a lot to me at first. But when you see the rendering above and think about the size of the system, it is indeed a lot of water (5,000 cfs getting pushed through a small creek!). Boscastle is still recovering and has taken steps to defend against events of this magnitude in the future. This included replacing the bridge to increase capacity.

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