Aug 31 2011

Hurricane Irene Flooding Footage

The ski resort town of Wilmington, Vt., was flooded, but nobody could get to it because both state roads leading there were underwater.

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen in Vermont,” said Mike O’Neil, the state emergency management director. – Beth Fouhy, Associated Press

Windham, NY.

The picture above is a picture of some of the flooding in NY. At least 21 people have died as a result of Hurricane Irene, most of them from falling trees. The flooding from the rain and storm surge is ongoing. Hurricane Irene, even though it weakened prior to landfall, definitely lived up to the hype.  A friend’s parents lost their home and business in Connecticut. My aunt and her family in Maine were without power (over 6 million lost power!) for a few days. Virtually the entire Northeast U.S. was impacted in some way. Vermont was especially hit hard…


Connecticut was also hit hard and this footage of the storm surge as Irene hit the state’s coast is pretty wild…


Irene was the first hurricane to make landfall in the continental United States since 2008, and came almost six years to the day after Katrina ravaged New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005.  – Beth Fouhy, Associated Press

Windham, NY.

Now, as the clean up begins, there are reports of a new hurricane brewing that is being given a little less than a 50% chance of hitting the U.S. The flooding is still not over and there is a dam in NY that is feared to be in danger of breaking. Although it could have been much worse, Irene wreaked havoc in the Northeast. Keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers.

Storm’s Push North Leaves Punishing Inland Floods (NY Times)

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