Sep 13 2011

Flooding in Pennsylvania: The Broken Record of 2011

I initially did not look very closely at the headlines about more flooding in Pennsylvania and the Northeast. I assumed it was more coverage on the flooding from Hurricane Irene. The year that is 2011 that saw disastrous flooding in the area just over a week prior, would again bring us record flooding, this time in Pennsylvania, with the Susquehanna River seeing “some of the highest flood waters ever seen.” Between Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and the Gulf Coast, 15 deaths are linked to Tropical Storm Lee. 70,000 people were evacuated in Pennsylvania. The crest of the Susquehanna beat the previous record (from Hurricane Agnes in 1972) by almost 2 feet! This all sounds like a broken record in a year that set the record on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, and the Souris along with above average precipitation throughout most of the West and Northeast.

The NOAA observed precipitation from Friday shows areas receiving around a foot of rain over the course of the storm.

Binghamton, NY also saw a record crest of the Susquehanna River, evacuating 20,000 people. They received close to 8 inches of rain. Hundreds of homes were inundated across the region.

Given that we’re into the middle of September, for the sake of all those who have already suffered, let’s hope that the unending flooding of 2011 is finally over.

Pa. towns assess Lee’s damage (by Patrick Walters, AP)

Historic flooding recedes in Pennsylvania, New York; at least 15 dead (by Andrew Freedman, Wash Post)

CapitalClimate (multiple posts on precipitation in Binghamton and the Susquehanna flows in PA)

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