Sep 23 2011

Bridge Washout in Thailand

Flooding has been rampant in eastern India, Thailand, China, and the surrounding regions with the yearly monsoons. Over 100 people have died in Thailand due to the flooding, over 50 in China (in the same region as the previous flooding this year). Below is footage of a small bridge getting washed out in Thailand.


What always amazes me when I see international flooding is the high amount of deaths. Flooding in the U.S. still does a lot of damage but rarely causing the casualty rate as it does overseas. Nearly all of the deaths in the northeast when Hurricane Irene hit were from the wind and trees falling down. Our flood protection infrastructure could use improvement as 2011 has shown but we still live in a much different reality than most countries.

The swath of the flooding in the picture above is farther than the eye can see. See more pictures of the flooding in Asia here.

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