Oct 10 2011

A Few Good Reads (10/10/11)

This week: the rapid repairs in Vermont, the changing career of engineering, the art of problem solving, and failing in social media.

Vermont’s rivers hurt by flood repair, some say (by Candace Page, Burlington Free Press)

“There was no possible way to put our roads back together in any way without the availability of gravel from the river. That was the only source we had. There just wasn’t any other material to be had,”

Not Your Father’s Career (Engineer Blogs)

Engineering is not what it once was: a solid, stable career that led to a staunchly middle class lifestyle. Already many engineers I went to school with have backup plans of business or law degrees or are willing to take international jobs to meet their financial goals.

Engineers: Problem-Solvers or Creative Artists? (Engineering Ethics Blog)

But if we engineers learn to approach real-life problems, not with the mindset of finding “the” unique, cut-and-dried solution, but with the hope of learning about the limitations within which we work, and the human meanings of what we plan to do, perhaps the world will take a more enlightened view of our profession.

4 Reasons Your Company is Failing at Social Media (by Kevin Fawley, socialmediatoday)

Please stop blasting the same message across the web. I’m begging you. It gives me no reason to visit, follow, like, tumble, etc any of your other social media handles. Facebook is not Twitter. Take the time to educate yourself and your team on the different styles of communication used on each site.

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