Oct 21 2011

The Natomas “Bath Tub” Flood Risk

The following video is a great overview of the Natomas area in north Sacramento, a region also known as the Natomas “Bath Tub.” There has been a lot political pressures and conflict in Natomas because of the decertification of the levees and potential for flood insurance but the threat and risk of flooding in Natomas is very real. The USACE representative in this video is Dan Tibbitts, a well-respected and excellent hydraulic engineer and former co-worker of ours.


Progress is being made in the Natomas basin, I had the chance to see the western levee expansion (directly along the Sacramento River) during my last visit to Sacramento. The northern levee expansion has also been completed. What is left is the southwestern, eastern, and south portions of the levee expansions which will be completed by the USACE. Either way, this area is being heavily monitored and watched, as the risks in this area are well known.


  1. AC

    thanks for posting these flood hazards. I have family in suburban Sacramento and friends in Bangkok, too.

  2. DeDe Cordell

    I’m the public affairs officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District, and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing our video.
    Funny story about how it came to my attention – there’s a Floodplain Managers conference coming to town, and one our folks is helping to coordinate it. Someone else on the committee saw your blog and as a result, I was asked to “track it down and see if they could show it.”
    Now that I know you’re out there, we’ll follow you, and share as much as we can. We are actually getting ready to launch a social media news room, to make coordination and sharing with bloggers much easier. I’ll make sure we shoot you a link.
    Take care!

    1. Anthony Alvarado

      Thanks for the comment! I actually got a phone call from one of the folks with the conference about using the video (told him it was yours and public!). Our emails are linked to in the sidebar of this blog, send us resources and updates and we’ll try to share them!

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