Oct 27 2011

Bangkok Flooding: ALL Sections Should Prepare for Flooding

In just 24 hours Bangkok’s mood has changed from anxiety to panic. After claiming to be on a holy mission to save Bangkok in a previous comment a couple of weeks ago, Bangkok Governor MR Sukhumband finally admitted that flooding will now reach more areas, including the city center. (eTN)

Tears welling in her eyes, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra acknowledged her government could not control the approaching deluge.

"What we’re doing today is resisting the force of nature," Yingluck told reporters. She said the water bearing down on Bangkok was so massive that "we cannot resist all of it." (Fox News)

It seems like all parties are now admitting that it’s only a matter of time now before the entire city is inundated including the CBD. The high tide will be 2-3 feet higher from Friday morning (Thursday night in the U.S.) through Monday which will not be much help.

Exodus as floods advance on central Bangkok (ABC Sydney)

"For a lot of people right now access to drinking water is one of the concerns," said Jerry Velasquez, regional coordinator for the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, a UN agency.

"Bangkok is still in the early phase. This is a once in a 100 years flood. This is intense."

Floods Swamp Historic City in Thailand (NASA) (Aerial imagery comparison of Ayutthaya)

Thailand Flooding Photos (Yahoo) (Photos from Reuters)

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