Oct 31 2011

Bangkok Flooding: High Tides Weathered, But the Battle is Not Over

Central Bangkok appears to have been spared from the added deluge of the seasonal high tides this past weekend but the flooding is not over yet and no one can still really say whether the worst flows have past. However, officials appear to be now looking at the recovery and the major issues now are the food shortages and the anger of those flooded in order to spare the CBD. Check out the clip below for a new flood defense method…


I find it wild that tourists are still pouring in while Bangkok is still almost entirely surrounded by flooding and suffering. It’s just another illustration that many of the most affected by the flooding are the poorest. The Thailand Department of Highways is now looking at a “Circle of Safety” relief canal system starting north of Ayutthaya. This is probably a good starting point given that Ayutthaya and Bangkok are so encroached on the Chao Phraya floodway. They need to find a way utilize bypass floodways and rebuild farther off the channel where possible. All in all, let’s hope the worst has past and that the disease and food shortage issues do not get worse.

Thai Floods May Ease as Bangkok Defenses Hold, Yingluck Says (Bloomberg)

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