Nov 02 2011

Bangkok Flooding: Shades of Hurricane Katrina and Updated Inundation Map

The Thai crisis has spawned “Listen to me only,” a repeated entreaty from Bangkok’s governor, Sukhumphand Paribatra, to heed his guidance over prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s camp. As with Nagin and former President George Bush, Sukhumphand and Yingluck are allegiant to rival political parties. (globalpost)


In the midst of news that flooding has reached another industrial estate (Bang Chan) is about to be deluged, there’s additional news of anger over the flooding of Bangkok’s outskirts in order to protect the capital and more feuding and accusations. The suburbs have been hit hard and you can see this in the updated flooding maps below.

An intriguing article was posted yesterday comparing the Bangkok disaster to what happened in New Orleans. It compares the politics, infrastructure issues, as well as the question of the sacrificial neighborhoods. Read it here:

In flooded Bangkok, shades of Hurricane Katrina (by Patrick Winn, globalpost)


Around Bangkok, it’s no conspiracy: many districts in Bangkok’s outskirts are being sacrificed to defend the Thai capital. Officials are rightly desperate to save Bangkok, accounting for roughly 40 percent of Thailand’s GDP. (globalpost)

Another recent article from the Bangkok Post takes a look at the complex drainage system of Bangkok. It’s a bit confusing along with infographic (see below), but I think it shows one more reason why it’s been difficult find information on the actual flows and whether the rise is over or not.

More updates worth reading/viewing:

Thailand Flood Monitoring System

Thai flood holdouts complicate relief efforts (Associated Press)

Thailand flood reaches Bangkok (The Big Picture)

All districts in Bangkok still ‘at risk’ (Bangkok Post)

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