Nov 07 2011

Bangkok Flooding: Water Still Rising in the City

"It’s now difficult to believe that 20 Bangkok districts earlier declared safe will not be flooded, even the crucial locations like Bang Chan and Lat Krabang industrial estates, which are located in areas where water [previously] flows. Both estates must watch out first for flood water coming via underground sewerage drains," he [Asst Prof Khomsan Maleesee, of the KMITL‘s Faculty of Engineering] said. (asiaone)


Although the floodwaters are finally receding in the north, the deluge of Bangkok continues to worsen with deteriorating conditions for roadways and railways, and water levels getting closer and closer to flooding the CBD.

The water slowly advancing through Bangkok’s northern and western neighborhoods is threatening the city’s subway system, two key industrial estates and the emergency headquarters set up to deal with the flooding that has claimed more than 500 lives nationwide. (Washington Post)

The latest on the situation in Bangkok:

Bangkok governor gets his pumps; flooding widens (Bangkok Post)

Floods approach Bangkok’s rail systems, as northern provinces start cleaning up (Washington Post)

Thailand Floodwaters Threaten Second Honda Factory, Inner-Bangkok Industry (Bloomberg)

Concerns, floodwaters rise in Bangkok (CNN)

Sinking Bangkok – floods a precursor (News24.com)

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