Nov 10 2011

Bangkok Flooding: Aerial Photos and the Trash Problem

Captured: Thailand Aerials

The Denver Post has some amazing aerial photography from a few days ago that is worth checking out. I’ve pulled in a few of the most striking ones here.  The one above is amazing in how it helps illustrate that Bangkok is not 3rd world but a well-developed country with a solid infrastructure with a highway network.

Captured: Thailand Aerials

The photo above shows the Chao Phraya and how the river has swelled to above and beyond it’s banks. This picture makes it look like the city was built right on top of the water. Check out the bridges in the lower part of the picture as well and notice how little clearance is left on such large bridges.

Captured: Thailand Aerials

This one again just demonstrates that this is well-developed city with plenty of automobile use. The map below shows the updated extent of inundation. Compare that to the very beginning of the flooding in Bangkok in mid-October.


And now the trash and sanitary issues are becoming major problems with the extent of standing water and how long it has lasted and will continue to last. Check out the report from CNN below:


This last video is actually from a helicopter flight over the area. It’s amazing. It’s a long clip but my tip would be to start the video, then pause it and let it load, and then you can fast-forward and move around the clip. At around 5:45 you can see a stadium that simply looks like a bath tub. At around 8:30, you can see the domestic (formerly their international) airport flooding. At 13:00, it’s more clear how close the flooding is getting to the very heart of Bangkok.


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