Nov 11 2011

Footage of Heavy Flooding in Italy

What happened in Tuscany and Liguria, he said, “should not have happened, but it did because we have built in places where we should not have built. Now it is too late, and we are paying the consequences.” – Fausto Guzzetti, National Research Council of Italy (NY Times)

While people of Thailand, and especially Bangkok, are trying weather record flooding, regions Italy, from Turin to the areas of Liguria and Tuscany, have been dealing with heavy rains, mudflows, and flooding of their own since the end of October.


Six people were killed in Genoa last Friday during the flooding shown in the video above. In year of such a constant deluge and disaster since March, it simply just keeps going. Hopefully, it calls attention to some of our weaknesses and shortcomings in flood protection as Guzzetti mentioned in the quote at the beginning of this blog post. With flooding, it’s not a matter of “if” but always a matter of “when.”

More of the Flooding in Italy:

Italy Floods: Public Anger after six die in Genoa (BBC) (More good footage)

Italian floods: Fresh weather warnings issued (BBC)

Mudslides and Flooding Ravage Areas of Scenic Beauty in Italy (NY Times) (HT: The Water Away)

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