Dec 12 2011

A Few Good Reads (12/12/11): Raging Floods in Kenya

This week: another good video about the levee system in the Central Valley, flooding in Kenya, the recovery in Bangkok, corporate hoarding, and internal communication breakdowns.

Floods’ death toll rise to 24, displace 100,000 (The Standard)

The latest assessment by The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) show that that raging floods [in Kenya] has so far displaced more than 100,000 people and led to massive destruction of infrastructure.

UN warns of food shortage in Kenya (Daily Nation)

“There is potential for continued food insecurity in the northern and eastern districts which suffered severe impacts of drought much of this year even though worst affected are western Kenya, areas around Lake Victoria, Nairobi, Isiolo and parts of the Coast,” the report says.

$1.8 billion Fargo flood ditch plan advancing (StarTribune)

The diversion would take 6.7 feet off the crest of a 500-year flood in the cities, said Aaron Snyder, project management supervisor for the corps. It would knock about 12 feet off a 100-year flood crest, which is about a foot higher than what the cities saw in 2009.


Bangkok rises after floods (news.come.au)

Naturally, the first thing is to clean up the debris so that people can go about the daily business of making a living. The markets are open. There are bargains to be had. Although it was wonderful to see that tourists were being generous, rather than looking for an incredible deal, when bartering.

Are You a Corporate Hoarder? (inflexion)

Corporate hoarding — where people do not want to share knowledge because they see knowledge as a source of power — is very common, and can happen for various reasons within any given business environment

Internal communication – past repair? (Learning Conversations)

Our internal communications processes are broken. Email memos sent down from on high very rarely get cascaded to everyone that should see them. The people on the ground don’t believe anyone is listening to them. Information on corporate intranets is rarely up-to-date, or relevant. And, with information dotted around our organisations, there is no individual person who has all the current information you need, just when you need it.

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