Dec 19 2011

A Few Good Reads (12/19/11): Flash Flooding kills over 600 in the Philippines

This week: Tropical storm flash floods in the Philippines, flooding continues in New Zealand and Canada, and the lawsuits continue over Hurricane Katrina.


Death toll in Mindanao Floods now 632 (Philippine Star)

Illegal logging activities in Mindanao forestlands have taken its toll during the recent flooding in the area that left more than 500 people dead.


Floods in New Zealand force hundreds to evacuate (globalpost)

BBC News reported that these are the worst floods that have hit the island country in the last 10 years.

Yuletide feels like high tide as Manitoba floods linger (Vancouver Sun)

At the height of the 2011 flood, when the Portage Diversion was carrying record volumes of Assiniboine River water into Lake Manitoba, the province’s third-largest lake rose to 817.3 feet above sea level, almost five feet above the maximum level desired by Manitoba Water Stewardship.

Corps Says It’s Not to Blame for Katrina Flooding (Insurance Journal)

In the new trial, the shipping channel has been blamed for widespread ecological damage to the wetlands southeast of New Orleans and the plaintiffs argue that the channel left St. Bernard and the Lower 9th Ward vulnerable to flooding that covered rooftops in some of those areas.

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