Dec 28 2011

Our Top Posts of 2011: Year of the Flood

The disasters that plagued the globe this year will send 2011 into the record books as the most costly year for catastrophes on record. (WSJ)

These are our most popular posts of 2011. A perusal reads like an overview of the massive flooding that occurred this year from Bangkok and Minot to the Missouri and Mississippi, and the northeast U.S. There also a number of posts on 2D modeling and hydrographic survey.

bangkok flooding in store

#1: Bangkok Flooding: The Worst is Not Over (October 19): There is a quote in this post from a government official imploring people to “Rush to Don Muang immediately!” Don Muang is the domestic airport that was serving as an evacuation center. Don Muang airport flooded less than a week later.


#2: Live Footage of Souris River Flooding in Minot, ND (June 22): The town of Minot experienced catastrophic flooding that forced the evacuation of over the half the town of 40,000 people. There was a live feed with the view above in which you could actually see the progression of the flooding and the overtopping of the levees.


#3: Bangkok Flooding Aerial Imagery (October 26): These images show the before and after of one part of northern Bangkok during the extensive flooding that occurred in October and November.

A map by the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services shows a projected worst-case scenario of flooding from the Souris River in Minot.

#4: Aerial Footage of Minot Flooding & Levee Breach (June 23): This included some helicopter footage of the flooding in Minot. It looked in many places as if there were no levees even there.

2D Model_velocity

#5: The Big Assumption (June 21): In this article, Dusty begins the discussion of 1D versus 2D models and when 2D modeling starts to come into play.

#6: A Few Good Reads: Bangkok Flood Update Edition (10/24/11): The inundation of Bangkok was getting worse and the situation more chaotic as the government contradicted themselves and the floodwaters from the the north made their way to the city. 

Captured: Thailand Aerials

#7: Bangkok Flooding: Aerial Photos and the Trash Problem (November 10): In another post on the flooding in Bangkok, this one highlights the photography pulled together by the Denver Post, with some footage covering the trash problem.

mb vs sb

#8: Hydro Survey: Multi-beam vs Single Beam (Part 1) (August 2): In this post, I cover some of the differences between multi-beam and single beam hydrographic surveys and the strengths of multi-beam depth sounders.

Moriah Bridge Collapse

#9: Northern New York Bridge Failures (May 4): Heavy rains in northern New York caused 2 bridges to collapse.

#10: Time Lapse Video of Condit Dam “Removal” (November 4): This is some amazing footage of the Condit Dam removal. 

The next most popular 5:

The Water Does Not Flow There (August 18)

Aerial Video of Bismarck-Mandan Missouri River Flooding (June 10)

“Natural Dams” (November 15)

Sandy River Flood (April 29)

Flooding in Pennsylvania: The Broken Record of 2011 (September 13)

Thanks again for supporting and following our blog in 2011! Happy New Year!

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  1. Steve Zerges

    You guys did some really cool and helpful posts, in particular Dusty’s modeling tips. Keep up the great work!

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