Jan 06 2012

Australia Flooding: Bridge Collapse and Freight Train Footage

To kick off the new year, we have some footage of flooding in Australia and the incredible damage it did to a bridge in Australia’s Northern Territory, which included taking out a freight train.

The waves at 0:27 are pretty crazy as the flow overtops either the same bridge or different crossing. Our flood season may still be a bit further out as we endure the prime of winter here in the northern hemisphere, but our friends down south are right in the middle of summer and another onslaught of flooding as 2012 begins.

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  1. Lindy

    What Australia desperately needs is the “bridge defenders” to protect the pilons from gathering debris, hence the bridges collapse.
    They are working all over the U.S.
    The government should look into this. Not MY company, but a friend of mine has this out there and I am in awe of the product.
    see utube+debris free

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