Jan 09 2012

A Few Good Reads (1/9/12): Rio on Max Flood Alert

This week: The state of Rio de Janeiro on maximum flood alert, California flood plan, a wake up call in Thailand, lessons from the Missouri River flooding, and still no flood protection 15 years after major flooding on the Truckee River.

Rio de Janeiro on maximum flood alert (24 hrs Vancouver)

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state placed emergency teams on maximum alert on Thursday as heavy rains that have displaced 35,000 residents were forecast to continue, reviving fears of mudslides and flooding that killed about 900 people last year.

California flood plan calls for up to $17B in repairs (ABC7)

The plan doesn’t call for specific projects, but offers recommendations. Those include extensive bypass expansion and the construction of a new bypass; major improvements to intake, weir and gate structures; sediment removal projects; urban and rural levee repairs; fish passage improvements and ecosystem restoration.

Floods are a wake-up call (Bangkok Sun)

The New Year flood disaster in the South should be a wake-up call for anyone who still hopes that 2012 will be kinder to Thailand. We cannot escape it. Erratic and damaging weather is here to stay.

Flooding On The Mighty Mo: Lessons Re-Learned (American Rivers)

A river needs room to roam and investing in the protection and restoration of our “natural defenses” our rivers, wetlands, floodplains, upland and coastal areas provide multiple benefits including natural and sustainable flood storage and conveyance;

Status of flood project on Truckee River in flux 15 years after flood of 1997

What everyone agrees on is that it’s likely another flood will occur before major protections can be put in place.


  1. Jessica

    Thank you once again for keeping us abreast of these issues.

    This is a nice article on the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan. However, what this version of the AP article misses (present in other versions http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/calif-flood-plan-calls-17b-repairs-15263009?page=2#.Twr7YyNWp6w) is somewhat critical. I’ve included the text below because it addresses a potentially significant void of the current plan: it doesn’t address a strategy for adapting to climate change. : “…that one concern is the plan doesn’t sufficiently tackle the effects of climate change, like sea level rise, and it isn’t based on updated projections of what extreme floods could look like.”

    1. Anthony Alvarado

      Thanks for the better link and the call out of the climate change issue!

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