Jan 30 2012

A Few Good Reads (1/30/12): NSW Flooding Continues

This week: Flooding continues in New South Wales, Australia, the public draft of the Central Valley (California) Flood Protection Plan is released, the ramifications of the Birds Point levee demolition continue, and what the Dutch are doing to “make room for the river.”

NSW flooding threat moves inland (ABC) (Video)

About 2,000 residents are already isolated by floodwaters on the mid and far north coast and a flood watch has now been issued for townships along the Nambucca River – including Bowraville.

New South Wales, Australia


$17 billion flood plan goes to Central Valley Flood Protection Board Friday (Sacramento Bee)

The largest single share of the work, estimated at $6.5 billion, is proposed in the Sacramento region.

Public Draft 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (PDFs)

Efforts to Control the ‘Mighty Mississippi’ Result in Flooded Farmland and Permanent Damage, Research Shows (ScienceDaily)

The rushing water gouged large deep gullies on parcels of land adjacent to the blown levees and on some distant fields. The land was also covered with a thick sand deposit and in some areas adjacent to where new crater lakes were formed.

How the Dutch Make “Room for the River” by Redesigning Cities (ClimateWire)

After the floods in the 1990s, the government decided to no longer raise the dikes, but move them back. “We need to remain flexible in adapting to climate change, so now we try to remove the bottlenecks,” Meulepas said.

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