Mar 16 2012

St Francis Bay Bridge Collapse in South Africa (Video)

Our video of the week this week comes to us from South Africa, where a major causeway over St Francis Bay washed out not once but twice within a month. You can see the original structure downstream, which looks like a couple of concrete box culverts, and the newer structure with the 4 CMPs. Pay attention to how long folks are still crossing the bridge despite the impending collapse! It’s a 14 minute video but well worth checking out. The slow erosion of the causeway is very impressive to watch.



My favorite part of this video is the people who decide to tie a rope across the river at the old structure! I practically winced as you see a few elderly folks nearly fall! In our lawsuit driven society of America, that definitely would not be allowed! However, you can see from the map below that this is a major thoroughfare in the area:

Map picture

The first collapse was caused after the area received more than 60mm of rain not long after already dealing with heavy rains leading up to that. The second time it happened, when it was the temporary bridge, was also to due to heavy storms. The road, R330, is the only access road to St Francis Bay and Cape St. Francis.

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