Mar 19 2012

A Few Good Reads (3/19/12): Murrumbidgee River Flooding

This week: Will the levees hold on the Murrumbidgee River, Boehner’s tour of Natomas, what exactly does “Room for the Rivers” mean? and having empathy in the workplace.

Residents of Hay on flood alert as Murrumbidgee rises (AAP)

State Emergency Service (SES) spokesman Dave Owen said they were cautiously optimistic the levee banks would hold back the rising Murrumbidgee River on Monday.

Update (3/19/12 8:45am MST)

Hay survives flooding peak (AAP)

THE residents of Hay in southwestern NSW were breathing a collective sigh of relief as the town’s levee held firm against the flooding Murrumbidgee River.

The river peaked at 9m last night, and while the levees have so far saved the town from flooding, authorities were still keeping locals on notice that there was the possibility it could leak.

Editorial: Boehner’s Natomas tour is a good sign (Sacramento Bee)

Federal authorization for finishing upgrades on 42 miles of levees in Natomas has been bottled up, largely because of a House GOP ban on "earmarks," money set aside for specific projects.

Lowdown on the high water…and room for rivers explained (The Water Away)

Humans know that we have repurposed floodplains and placed valuable assets in a rivers’ path.  We are no stranger to the fact that rivers need room in order to protect our cities, farms, industry, and way of life. We remember the Great Floods of 1927 and the multiple breaches on the Missouri and Mississippi systems during 2011.

Empathy (Engineer Blogs)

Do you care? Do you care about your fellow colleagues? Your boss? Your subordinates? A seasoned software manager writes in his blog, Stevey’s Blog Rants, that his number one tip for managers is empathy. Seems like a perfectly reasonable, perfectly human ability to possess, even for stereotypical introverted, socially-awkward engineers.

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