Apr 06 2012

Nova Scotia Bridge Collapses (2010 Footage)

In November of 2010, southwest Nova Scotia experienced storms which brought over 220 mm of rain within a week. This overwhelmed multiple bridges in the area. The first bridge was a 100 year old one lane truss bridge. The first video shows some before footage, including some good shots of some of the very visible scour from the water surface of the Tusket River.

The second clip is the day after the bridge collapsed. It was a very old bridge but it shows again that the power of scour to undermine is no joke.


Finally, this third clip is of the second smaller bridge that collapsed on a smaller road (Saunders Road) a little further north. I can’t find as much information on this bridge but the coverage starts at the point the road is overtopped and collapsed.


The great thing about each of these bridge collapses is that no one was injured or killed, which is pretty amazing considering that the older highway bridge above collapsed at around 10pm at night! A man apparently had just driven over it and watched it collapsed in his rearview mirror, meaning the bridge collapse caught authorities completely by surprise, a worst case scenario!

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