May 11 2012

Tragic Flash Flood in Nepal (Footage)

Map picture

On May 5, earlier this week, a flash flood occurred in Pokhara, Nepal along the Seti River killing 26 people and leaving an additional 40 people still missing. Most flash floods are simply the cause of a significant amount of rain happening over a very short amount of time. This flash flood, however, was triggered by an avalanche in the Annapurna mountain range (part of the Himalayas).

Dusty and I both have connections to this small country so this hit relatively close to home. I have friends there right now in another part of the country through relationships that my church has with a Nepali orphanage and church. Dusty’s church actually has relationships with people near the place where the flash floods actually occurred. It wasn’t a large flash flood but this is a developing country that has gone through a tremendous amount of upheaval over the last ten years and whose infrastructure is minimal.

The first clip shows a bridge getting hit by the flash flood wave:


This second clip shows what looks like a dam or diversion structure getting hit by the flood wave:


This final video shows some of the ongoing clean up and gives a picture of some of the devastation that even this small flash flood has inflicted:

Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers.

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