Jun 15 2012

Florida Flooding

Last weekend on June 9, 2012 the panhandle of Florida and parts of southern Alabama was hit with a near record amount of rainfall.  Over 20 inches of rain fell over the course of two days in some area.  Below are a few videos showing some of the resultant flooding from this rain event.

An article from a local news station provides some more stats and the massive amount of water this series of storms produced.

Escambia County was under a local state of emergency with the Emergency Operations Center operating at full activation Saturday. Several shelters have opened for those in need.

The National Weather service predicts another 12-15 inches of rain between now and midnight Sunday, bringing the projected total rainfall for the vent to between 20 and 30 inches.

The first video is of Euclid Street in Pensacola City, shown in the map below.

Map picture

This next one shows an area in downtown Pensacola inundated by the floodwaters.

Another local news source provides a look at the impacts from this event:

Escambia County officials have tallied at least $20 million in damage to public buildings, roads, bridges and facilities stemming from the weekend’s near-record-breaking rainfall.

And they are still counting.

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