Jun 25 2012

A Few Good Reads (6/21/12): Four Million Homes at Risk from Storm Surge, New Orleans Flood Defenses, Duluth Flood Photos and Videos

2012 CoreLogic Storm Surge Report Reveals More Than Four Million U.S. Homes at Risk (Geospatial Solutions)

According to the announcement, this year’s report indicates that just over four million homes in the U.S. along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts are at risk of hurricane-driven storm-surge damage, with more than $700 billion in total property exposure.

Storm Risk Calculator

New online tool helps property owners determine storm risk (Chron.com)

With the start of hurricane season this week comes a new tool to let residents and business owners see the storm- related risks associated with any location in Harris County.

Using the Storm Risk Calculator produced by the city of Houston and Rice University, users can enter an address and learn the risks for rainfall, power outage, storm surge and rain damage.


Vast Defenses Now Shielding New Orleans (The New York Times)

Finally, there is a wall around this city.  Nearly seven years after flood waters from Hurricane Katrina gushed over New Orleans, $14.5 billion worth of civil works designed to block such surges is now in place — a 133-mile chain of levees, flood walls, gates and pumps too vast to take in at once, except perhaps from space.


Photos and Videos of the Northland Flooding (Duluth News Tribune)


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