Jul 02 2012

A Few Good Reads (6-28-2012): Hurricane Debby Flooding in Florida, Minnesota flooding clean up, Colorado Wildfires

Debby floods neighborhoods in northern Fla. (Associated Press)

“Debby destroyed homes and businesses, washed away roads and flooded neighborhoods in Florida before the once-large tropical storm drifted out to sea Wednesday, leaving behind a sopping mess.”

Cost of Minnesota Flood Estimated at $100 Million (The New York Times)

“The waters in Duluth are receding, but the damage is done: the northeastern Minnesota city estimates more than $100 million will be required to repair utilities, streets, parks and trails in the city and surrounding county of St. Louis, said Pakou Ly, a spokeswoman for Duluth. The State Department of Transportation estimates its roads have sustained $20 million worth of damage.”

For Minnesota homeowners, a lesson on betting against floods (The Kansas City Star)

“In Duluth, just 111 property owners had flood insurance when the storm hit, a fraction of the city’s 25,485 homes, according to state records. Statewide, about 12,000 property owners have flood insurance, one of the lowest participation rates in the country.”


High Park Fire blackens Poudre River with ash, possibly leading to fish kills (The Coloradoan)

“This still occurs at times from the Hayman Fire that happened 10 years ago,” said Ken Kehmeier, aquatic biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “This is going to happen over time.”

Fire creates immediate, long-term challenges (The Pueblo Chieftain)

While maintaining water service is the immediate concern, [Colorado Springs] will face some issues with its long-term water supply.

“The fire has burned up against Rampart Reservoir,” Bostrom said. “We will have to do some post-fire mitigation. We’re still assessing what needs to be done.”

More Wildfire Coverage from the Denver Post

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