Jul 16 2012

A Few Good Reads (7/16/12): San Clemente Dam to be Removed

This week: San Clemente Dam to be removed, the aftermath of the Russian and Minnesota floods, and value pricing and changing the client relationship.

California to Remove San Clemente Dam (ASCE)

On June 21 the California Public Utilities Commission approved a plan to remove the 106 ft tall San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River in Monterey County, setting the stage for what is believed to be the largest dam removal project in the state’s history.

After Russian Floods, Grief, Rage and Deep Mistrust (NY Times)

Everyone here had a story of the pitch-black hours of Saturday morning, of being trapped inside homes as water rose to 6 and then to 8 and 10 feet, listening to the screams of neighbors and fear-maddened animals.

So it came as a shock, and then as the focus of anger, when officials acknowledged that they had been aware of a threat to Krymsk at 10 the previous night, but had not taken measures to rouse its sleeping residents.

“Unprecedented” Effort to Inspect 180 Northland Bridges After Flood (kaaltv.com)

During the next two weeks, six teams of bridge engineers will inspect at least 180 bridges across northern Minnesota after devastating floods tore through 13 counties last month, leaving at least $100 million dollars in damage and raising questions about the safety of some bridge spans across the Northland.

Changing the Client Relationship (POB)

Too often we lose sight of the fact that our clients do not exist to make our lives easier; our clients do not exist just so we can have a job. The opposite is (or should be) true; we exist to help the client. Hourly billing focuses on the business. Tracking the time we spend doing research, making field measurements or writing reports puts the focus on us. To successfully shift to value-based pricing, you must instead concentrate on the client.

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