Jul 27 2012

Additional Footage of the Flooding in Beijing

Earlier this week, we talked about the flooding in Beijing that happened over last weekend. I found a few more clips of the floodwaters worth watching. The first clip shows a steel bridge collapsing after being overwhelmed by water.

This next clip shows the flood flows through an urban area in the Fangshan District. The streets are so inundated, it looks like a river.

This last clip shows a little more footage but warns that more rain and inundation may be on the way. Chinese authorities are already preparing this time around.  Hopefully, the precipitation is lighter this time and they get a reprieve from more flooding.

Update (7/27/12 9:30am)

The latest storm bypassed Beijing but Tianjin got slammed by the rain instead, again drowning many roads:

‘China’s Katrina’: Second City Flooded; Corruption, Incompetence Blamed” (nhpr)

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