Aug 06 2012

A Few Good Reads (8/6/12): Lack of Urgency in Bridge Safety and Extreme Drought

This week: The 5 year anniversary of the I35 collapse, extreme drought in the U.S. continues, more flooding in China, the Corps testing levee armor, and taking “I don’t have time” out of your vocabulary.

Bridge safety still lacks urgency (StarTribune)

Billions in federal, state and local dollars continue to pour into the maintenance of the nation’s bridges since that span of I-35W fell into the Mississippi River. But at last count in 2010, the nation still had a backlog of 69,223 "structurally deficient" bridges — 11.5 percent of all highway bridges in the U.S.

Extreme Drought and Its Challenges to the US’s Clean Water Supply (American Rivers)

This summer we have seen and felt the impacts of one of the worst droughts in the last 50 years. As of late June, over 55% of the country was experiencing moderate to extreme drought.

Floods devastate China’s Shaanxi province (AlJazeera)

Days of rainstorms have swelled the Yellow River in northwest China’s Shaanxi province, causing floods and toppling hundreds of houses in the northern part of the province.

More than 80,000 people in six counties and districts of northern Shaanxi’s Yulin and Yan’an cities had been affected by the rainstorms that began on Thursday.


Corps of Engineers testing levee ‘armor’ (Times-Picayune)

"It’s important for everybody to understand … that those 500-year overtopping rates are estimates at best," he [Bob Turner, executive director of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East] said, pointing out that the actual levee design used storm-surge computer modeling based on 100-year storms, not the larger events.

Erase “I Don’t Have Time” from Your Vocabulary (Lifehacker)

We don’t have enough time in the day for everything we might want to do, but we must have enough time for our priorities.

Whenever you find yourself thinking "I don’t have time" change it to "It’s not a priority."

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