Aug 30 2012

Hurricane Isaac Hits the Louisiana & Mississippi Coast on the 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Footage)

plaquemines parish louisiana levee map

This week, on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac hit the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts, essentially sitting over the area with the width of the storm nearly 500 miles. In New Orleans, the storm appears to have dumped 10 inches of rain, with 20 inches falling in other areas but the Corps’ newly constructed flood defenses did their job. The rural areas outside of the New Orleans defense are a different story. Plaquemines Parish (see the figure above) was hit hardest with levees being overtopped by an 10-12 foot storm surge. The video below has some good coverage and discussion of the damage in this hard hit area:


I love the story of the son and dad whose house got swamped and just jumped in their boat and went about rescuing their neighbors. In all of the flooding and damage from Tuesday and Wednesday, I have yet to hear of a death and this is amazing (Update 9/4/12: The death toll is at 2). It’s a testimony to people like that father and son as well as the leadership in the area doing a much better job of informing people and getting folks evacuated beforehand. Still, this storm once again showed the massive power of hurricanes and our limited ability to combat them.



Here is another clip from the Guardian that shows some of the wind and storm surge in some urban areas:


As of this post, there are a close to a million homes and businesses without power in Louisiana. In Plaquemines Parish, there are plans to breach the levee to relieve pressure and clear out the water trapped between the levees. (Update 9/4/12: The levee was breached on Thursday afternoon, residents started returning on Monday).

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