Sep 10 2012

A Few Good Reads (9/10/12): Remnants of Isaac, Who Gets to Live Behind Levees?

This week: Keeping Tahoe blue, remnants of Isaac causing more flooding, who gets to live behind the levees in Louisiana, the CVFPP awarded top honors, working from home as a civil engineer, and part 4 in the series on value pricing from POB.

Remnants of Isaac dump more flooding headaches on Jackson County (WLOX)

Isaac just won’t go away.  Remnants of what was once Hurricane Isaac dumped between four to six-and-a-half inches of rain across Jackson County overnight. Neighbors woke up Thursday morning to flooded roads and yards that are already saturated with water.

In Louisiana, who gets to live behind levees? (Marshfield News Herald)

The drowning of Braithwaite has reignited questions about who gets to be inside the massive, 200-mile perimeter of federally built levees and floodgates circling the greater New Orleans area and who’s left outside and exposed to powerful storms.

DWR awarded top honors for Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (Aquafornia)

Judges from the association praised the plan as “forward-thinking” and said it will have “multiple benefits on a broad, regional scale including flood protection and mitigation, environmental protection and enhancement, and smart fiscal management.”

Working From Home: The Kiss of Death for a Civil Engineer? (civilengineeringcentral.com)

A couple of weeks ago a consulting civil engineering client of mine offered an opportunity to an extremely talented candidate that would have allowed him to work from home for his first 6-8 months in order to accommodate some special circumstances.

Value Pricing: Step 2: Price the Client (POB)

It goes without saying that the optimal price is never below your cost to serve the client. Fortunately, the time surveyors spent in the past tracking costs (and then mistakenly using those costs to determine the price) has not been wasted. By switching to value pricing, you are merely breaking the connection between cost and price.

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