Sep 14 2012

The Flooding in Las Vegas This Week (Footage)

A thunderstorm dropped more than the average annual rainfall on parts of California’s Coachella Valley in one night alone, settling for six to eight hours over Mecca and Thermal, two towns 150 miles southeast of Los Angeles near the location of the annual Coachella Music Festival. (Tri-City Herald)

Bridge on Flamingo Wash

On Tuesday of this week, Las Vegas experienced some crazy thunderstorms that brought about upwards of 5+ inches of rain in some nearby areas (Mecca) and close to 2 inches in downtown. This is a region where the annual average rain is closer itself to 3-5 inches! There were no serious injuries reported but there was a significant amount of street flooding as the videos indicate below.



One of our connections told us that the Las Vegas Wash (a stream we’ve done a fair amount of work on, runs along on the eastern edge of Las Vegas) has twice hit a peak of 4,000 cfs in the last few weeks which is roughly a 25-yr event. This actually made the inflow to Lake Las Vegas peak at over 12,000 cfs! Below is a good picture (courtesy of FHWA) of the Las Vegas Wash during the high flow at a grade control structure (southeast of the city) that our folks were a part of designing awhile back.


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