Oct 10 2012

What is a Slurry Wall? (Video)

With reference to levees, a slurry wall is a commonly used term, but seldom defined or illustrated. So when I saw this video posted last week by the Sacramento District of the Corps of Engineers, I wanted to pass it on.

Slurry (or seepage cutoff) walls create a vertical barrier to seepage through or under existing earthen levees. The walls are made of a controlled mixture of soil, cement and bentonite clay.

The video does a good job explaining and demonstrating the construction of a slurry wall but, if you’re still confused, the figure shows a typical cross section of a levee with a slurry wall.

One thing to note is that most levees in the U.S. were not originally constructed with slurry walls. As levees are improved and upgraded to protect urban areas more adequately, slurry walls are being constructed more frequently. However, they are not cheap and we have over 100,000 miles of levees.

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