Oct 12 2012

Fighting Floods During the Event (Video)

We talk a lot on this blog about planning for and preparing for flood events. We’ve talked about levees, bypasses, correctly modeling the floodplain, reservoir storage, and providing “room for the river.” However, what can you do during the actual flood event? What methods are used to help levees stay intact during high flow events? How do you deal with seepage or boils? The video below put together by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is about just these questions and the methods of fighting floods. It is long at 20 minutes but very thorough in how they train to deal with specific levee problems in the midst of a flood event. They even detail how to fill and lay out sandbags in the most efficient way possible – good stuff if you ever had to protect your home in a flood event!


I appreciated the examples displayed in the video of the types of weaknesses a levee may present during a flood. What is seepage? What is a boil? Those are represented in this video visually along with other issues.

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