Oct 19 2012

Underwater Video of Sediment Transport in Alaska

Map picture

This week we have a video taken in Akutan, Alaska on a small shallow side channel showing some small scale bed load transport. I loved the use of the camera in a clear (no suspended load) water environment.

From the author:

This video was taken without the ROV while using only the GoPro HD Hero2. The video was taken on what is locally referred to as South Creek at the head of Akutan Harbor in the eastern Aleutian Islands. The water depth was about 5 inches. It seemed like an interesting perspective to view the rapid channel formation in the lower intertidal region from underwater. A new channel will be created on each low tide cycle since even gentle wave action will fill the most recent channel. This creek is anadromous and will be filled with thousands of pink salmon in late summer. Obviously, they can only enter the creek at high tide.

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