Nov 16 2012

Disastrous Floods This Week in Italy (Footage)

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The Liguria and Tuscany regions in the north and centre of Italy have been worst hit by the floods, with houses torn apart and cars thrown on top of each other after swollen rivers spewed torrents of muddy water through villages.

One village resident said he had initially got onto his roof when the rains came down but had eventually had to brave the water and walk to safety.

“We had a flood that we never, ever saw before. The rain fell and then it was two metres high on the ground, terribly fast, we were on the roof and we had to go down and run elsewhere,” said Armando Fabiani from the village of Brugnato in La Spezia. (Telegraph)


Italy got hit exceptionally hard this week by flooding in the Liguria (where Genoa is) and Tuscany regions and in Venice experienced the 6th highest flood on record since 1872 and over 70% of the city inundated. Over 9 inches fell in just 4 hours in Tuscany causing rivers in the region to overflow their banks.

Rescue services have found it difficult to enter the worst hit areas, with roads and bridges washed away and many major thoroughfares blocked. But the search for the missing has already begun and diggers are clearing debris.

Officials have said nine people died as a result of the floods. Several people are still missing. (Telegraph)

This first clip shows some raw footage of the flooding in various places.


This next clip talks about a bridge collapse that killed 3 people and shows more footage of the extent of the flooding. Officials are not sure yet what happened with the car that drove or fell off the bridge but the car had the logo of Italy’s biggest electricity firm. They may have just been trying to do their job and the bridge was likely not shutdown in the chaos of the event.


This final clip shows more of the aftermath and it’s just amazing and tragic. The mud flow during the flooding in some places was simply unbelievable and incredibly damaging.


Be thinking about and praying for the folks in these regions in Italy. It certainly was not as extensive or in as densely a populated area as how Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, but it hit them hard nonetheless. Many folks in this area of Italy were also hit by flooding almost exactly a year ago as well.

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