Dec 03 2012

A Few Good Reads (12/2/12): What if a superstorm strikes..?, Napa Flood Protection Completed, and Northern CA avoids serious flooding.

What if a superstorm strikes Sacramento?

Billions of dollars in levee and dam improvements are under way in the area, supported by local, state and federal tax dollars. But emergency officials are quick to acknowledge that a levee break can still occur.


Final Construction inside Napa Creek

Flood risk reduction work wraps up at Napa Creek in Napa, Calif., in time for the rainy season. All in-stream construction was completed Oct. 15, 2012 and the entire flood-prone creek is expected to be “storm ready” by the end of October.


Northern California Escapes Flooding

The rains came — nine inches east of Sacramento; a foot in Paradise, near Chico.

“We’re seeing some of the most intense rain we’ve seen,” Kurth said.

But in several communities, calamity was narrowly avoided.

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