Dec 10 2012

A Few Good Reads (12/10/12): Typhoon Bopha, Restoring Urban Rivers

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Typhoon Bopha, an incredibly powerful typhoon, has killed hundreds, triggered landslides and floods and left immeasurable destruction in its path in the Philippines. The death toll stands at over 500 – entire families washed away – many still missing. At least 200 of the victims died in Compostela Valley alone. A muddy wasteland of collapsed houses and trees felled by ferocious winds; 300,000 left homeless in great need of water, food and shelter. – Paula Nelson

Philippines: Still Struggling to reach Typhoon Bopha survivors

The typhoon slammed into the eastern coast of Mindanao Island – some 900km south of the capital, Manila – triggering landslides in mountainous areas where decades of migration had seen entire communities settle in flood-prone zones. The storm’s gusts reached over 200km an hour at its peak, making it the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year.


Restoring Urban Rivers, Revitalizing Communities – American Rivers

Protecting and restoring these urban waters goes hand in hand with revitalizing communities. Cities across the country that have invested in both redevelopment and restoring their rivers not only regain cleaner water, but also regain an economic vibrancy and a sense of place critical to any community.

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