Jan 18 2013

Restoring the L.A. River (Video)

When I think of the Los Angeles River, I usually think of a scene out of Terminator 2 – the chase scene down that insanely large, straight, concrete lined channel. I remember watching that film back in high school and not even realizing that concrete channel was suppose to be a river! You might have also seen the Supreme Court decision this month dealing with pollution from storm water runoff into the L.A. River. The Supreme Court ruled that L.A. County was not responsible for the excessive pollution that eventually makes it into Santa Monica Bay. The problem is that there is no obvious point source. Both sides of the case acknowledge more monitoring and tighter steps need to be taken.

However, the Corps (USACE) are looking at what can be done to restore the L.A. River and the video below details some of the efforts and studies. The video from the WSJ also mentions some of the history of the channelization and is worth your time.

Some of the changes being looked at include removing concrete, adding trails, and simply finding ways of connecting people back to the river, all within the many constraints they’re facing. If it’s done well, it could be a very worthwhile effort for both the citizens of L.A. and the habitat it provides and improves.

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