Mar 01 2013

Source to Sea in 3 Minutes (Video)

The video below is pretty amazing. The folks at Down the Colorado took footage of their journey from the headwaters of the Green River in Wyoming down the Colorado River to the Sea of Cortez and then edited and sped it up to show the whole trip in 3 minutes. It’s worth your time checking out.

Have you ever seen an entire river? This is a 113 day journey down the Green and Colorado Rivers, from source to sea. We started in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming in October 2011, and finished at the Sea of Cortez, Mexico in January 2012. The river begins as a trickle, carves ever deeper and more spectacular canyons, and is reduced to a trickle again by water diversions. For more information, please visit downthecolorado.org

Mirror River // source to sea in 3 minutes from Will Stauffer-Norris on Vimeo.

What’d I love to see is a live map that tracks with the video showing where they were apart from the major landmarks and reservoirs. Also, it would have been very intriguing and maybe more educational if they came down from the Colorado River headwaters (a lot of portaging though!). That may be asking a bit much! This is a great little video showing their journey and the big picture of the river.

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