Mar 15 2013

Cedar River Ice Jam (Footage)

Map picture

This past week the Cedar River has seen some ice jams and flooding as a result in some locations as this ice breaks up and moves downstream. Some clips I’ve found are pretty incredible as you see how massive this ice debris flow is.

Ice jams along the Cedar River have caused the river to spill out of its banks and into nearby homes.  City officials are trying to help the problem by opening the only flood gate that isn’t frozen shut.

It’s not just residents nearby the river seeing flooding. Experts say overloaded drains and sump pumps have been a problem for a lot of folks in the area. (WHOtv.com Des Moines)

As of this post, the conditions were improving but flood barriers had been deployed and areas that were demolished or bought out after the devastating 2008 floods have seen flooding.

Cedar Rapids Mayor: Conditions Improving Along Cedar River (ABC)

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