Mar 25 2013

A Few Good Reads (3/25/13): Delta Plan Released, Elwha Continues to Gnaw Away at Sediment

This week: California releases part of the Delta plan, water infrastructure possibly hitting the Senate floor in April, the Elwha continues to gnaw away at the built up sediment, NFIP’s levee failure simulator, and pictures related World Water Day 2013.

California releases part of plan to restore Delta (ABC)

Officials acknowledge the plan does not guarantee specific water supply deliveries – those will be dictated by the health of the species. That means if species don’t recover or don’t recover quickly enough, less water would be pumped, said Richard Stapler, spokesman for the California Natural Resources Agency.

Officials also say it’s currently not known how much outflow is needed for the recovery of fish species, or how habitat restoration will affect that balance. Scientific studies would accompany construction over the next 10 to 15 years, officials said.

Water infrastructure bill could hit Senate floor in April (The Hill)

The Water Resources Development Act, known as WRDA, authorizes a slate of flood prevention, harbor and aquatic ecosystem restoration projects through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Congress has not approved a new WRDA bill in six years.

The bill is garnering attention from environmental, spending and insurance groups who are pushing for beefed up coastal infrastructure to minimize damages from extreme weather events. Such options include restoring beaches as coastal buffers and bolstering levees.

Elwha gnaws away at a century of sediment (Seattle Times)

Scientists recently learned there was about 41 percent more sediment trapped behind the dams than originally thought — and that the river is transporting more mud and wood than they expected.

As the river, dammed for 100 years, comes back to life, the other surprise is a forest of waterlogged wood and other organic debris the Elwha is muscling out of the former lake beds of the reservoirs.

Levee Simulator (Floodsmart.gov)

The FloodSmart Levee Simulator shows different ways a levee can fail. It covers every type of levee failure and reminds everyone that simply living near a levee doesn’t guarantee your home’s protection.

World Water Day 2013 (The Big Picture)

Over twenty years ago the United Nations recognized March 22 as the first World Water Day. This year’s theme is water cooperation. As the following photographs show, the need for cooperation on this precious resource is great, as some enjoy plenty while others suffer drought.

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