Apr 05 2013

The Tragic Deluge in Argentina (Footage)

Argentina’s weather service had warned of severe thunderstorms, but nothing like rainfall that fell this week.

More than 16 inches (400 millimeters) drenched La Plata in just a few hours late Tuesday and early Wednesday – more than has ever been recorded there for the entire month of April. (Huff Post)

 Map picture

This week, the cities of La Plata and Buenos Aires, Argentina, experienced some dangerous flash flooding. La Plata was hit with over 16 inches in only about two hours. When I read that, I thought it was a typo it was such an insane precipitation rate. But I confirmed the amount in multiple news sources. Tragically, over 50 people have been reported to have died in the awful flooding. It hit so quickly, people and authorities were unprepared and now folks are angry – even booing the president of Argentina and other authorities when they visited the situation.

As torrential rains stopped and the waters receded, the crisis shifted to guaranteeing public health and safety in this provincial capital of nearly 1 million people. Safe drinking water was in short supply, and more than a quarter-million people were without power, although authorities said most would get their lights back on overnight

Many people barely escaped with their lives after seeing everything they own disappear under water reeking with sewage and fuel that rose more than six feet (nearly two meters) high inside some homes. The wreckage was overwhelming: piles of broken furniture, overturned cars, ruined food and other debris.

Their frustration was uncontainable as politicians arrived making promises. President Cristina Fernandez, Gov. Daniel Scioli, Social Welfare Minister Alicia Kirchner and the mayors of Buenos Aires and La Plata were all booed when they tried to talk with victims. Many yelled “go away” and “you came too late.” (Huff Post)

Below is some of the footage of the event and the flooding. It happened so fast, most coverage is of the waters as they were receding.

The deluge appears to be over even after additional rain but a few thousand folks are still unable to return to their homes and people are now dealing with the aftermath of this disaster. People are angry but how do you plan for 16 inches in 2 hours? That was more than previously recorded in the entire month of April! Be thinking about and praying for these folks.

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