Apr 26 2013

Flooding Hits Records Levels in Illinois and the Midwest

Even as some of the renegade rivers showed signs of cresting, forecasters said the recovery would not be fast or easy. The National Weather Service expected many of the waterways to remain high into next month, straining levees during the river’s expected slow descent.

Floodwaters rose to record levels along the Illinois River in central Illinois. In Missouri, six small levees north of St. Louis were overtopped by the surging Mississippi River, flooding mainly farmland. (CBS)

The Midwest is still under heavy flooding that is looking like it might not relent quite so soon. Illinois in particular has been experiencing record flooding along the Illinois River, the highest it has been in 70 years.

Map picture

The biggest troubles were in Illinois. Officials in Peoria said the Illinois River finally crested Tuesday at 29.35 feet, eclipsing a 70-year record. The river flooded roads and buildings in Peoria Heights, and inundated riverfront structures. (CBS)

In the map above, Kampsville (small, flooded town seen in the video above) is the lower center pin and is directly on the Illinois River. The Illinois River (upper right pin) comes in from the northeast while the Mississippi River (upper left pin) comes in from the northwest. Kampsville is not far upstream from the confluence of the two rivers near St. Louis.

Hopefully there is some relief soon, especially for the folks in Illinois.

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